People first, Business Second

We’re proudly independent and that has its benefits.

A happy team means better work. We know it, which is why we put our people first. We’re not above boasting about our high levels of staff retention. We attribute it to a few things, like our high staff to billing ratio which is way above the industry average. Also our preference for a flatter structure. In action this means implementing a Shadow Board, encouraging accessibility and inclusion among team members, no matter the title or experience.

It’s official, we’re the happiest media agency in Aus* and one of the best places to work**

*Media-i May 2022 Survey | **AFR #2 Best Places to Work 2022

meet the team

  • AdamHead of Performance and Ecommerce

    A self-confessed coffee snob who’s been ‘Melbournised’ by ordering a ‘Magic’, it’s fitting Adam is our Head of Performance & eCommerce: data never sleeps! This dad of two’s experience spans some of Australia’s most loved brands such as The Body Shop, KIA, ANZ & Harvey Norman. When he isn’t building ecommerce businesses, he’s watching Danny Riccardo F1 re-runs or supporting his beloved Sydney Swans.

    Adam StewardHead of Performance and Ecommerce
  • AdrianNational Chief Operating Officer

    National Chief Operating Officer, Adrian Roeling is so cool he gets called ‘AR’ for short. An entrepreneur who started is own agency in uni & has since managed global digital marketing programs & national media agencies, AR now provides strategic advice to Hatchlings & clients. This happy husband also tries to provide strategic advice to the junior soccer team he coaches as well as his 2 boys.

    Adrian RoelingNational Chief Operating Officer
  • AdrianaSenior Media Manager

    Not many Hatchlings can brag about singing on a real live stage (without gate-crashing), but Adri can. Ex-backup dancer for The Veronicas, Adri now invests her creativity into her role as Senior Media Manager. When she’s not feeding top-notch campaign solutions to clients, she’s living by her ‘food is life’ mantra & feeding herself.

    Adriana SantoroSenior Media Manager
  • AnaisPerformance Manager

    Anais, a Performance Manager, relies on data analytics, holding a master's in commerce and marketing. Her Muay Thai interest is a mystery. She volunteers for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, possibly influenced by her Parisian upbringing near 'Moulin Rouge'. One ponders her high kicks' origin.

    Anais Cramesnil De LaleuPerformance Manager
  • AndrewHead of Product

    It’s no coincidence ‘Pascoe’ & ‘passion’ both begin with ‘pas’: Pascoe IS passion. Which is good for Hatched; even better for our clients. By day this passionate Head of Product is blowing clients’ minds with the micro & the macro & analytics & statistics: by night, this husband is raising 2 wonderful kids & growing his vinyl record collection.

    Andrew PascoeHead of Product
  • AngusPerformance Manager

    Our new Performance Manager, Angus Craig, joins us with a Bachelor of Media and Communications and five years of experience. He excels in crafting digital campaigns across search and social media, and has a diverse range of interests including sports, hiking, and beach outing.

    Angus CraigPerformance Manager
  • AnhDigital Media Manager

    Digital Media Manager Anh sports a mixed bag of media experience, including government, retail, technology & mining. Anh absolutely loves mixed bags, usually of the lollies kind, confessing her sweet tooth can happily lead her straight to dessert & skip the main meal! She also loves her puppy, who we can't wait to have hang out in the Hatched headquarters.

    Anh DoanDigital Media Manager
  • AshlieGroup Business Director

    Ash oozes oodles of experience in the media game & thrives on challenging the status quo. She also thrives on crime docos which is somewhat in contrast to her passion for cooking & all things creative. (Or is it?) A bright & bubbly Group Business Director, Ash attributes her success to her 2IC: her pint-sized toy poodle Pippa.

    Ashlie McIntoshGroup Business Director
  • AxelPerformance Manager

    Axel, a digital marketing specialist with a passion for advertising, defies stereotypes by bringing creativity to his work. With experience in both agencies and client-side roles, he's always on the move, fueled by a love for sports and an appreciation for the eclectic in art galleries. Welcome, Axel!

    Axel TaussigPerformance Manager
  • BelindaStrategy Manager

    Belinda is such a cool cucumber she’s simply called ‘B’. It’s no coincidence ‘bright’, ‘brainy’ and ‘bloody unreal’ also start with B, because B is all of these things. A Planning Manager who eats data for ‘breakfast’, B is a ‘beast’ when it comes to data-driven media planning & strategy. Hatched is ‘blessed’ to have her!

    Belinda PorterStrategy Manager
  • BellaDigital Solutions Manager

    Digital Solutions Manager Bella Masters is aptly-named: she’s a master in her craft & she puts on quite the performance after demolishing a bottle of wine that was named after her. Social expert by day & social butterfly by night, Bella thrives when trying new foods while poring over killer client campaigns.

    Bella MastersDigital Solutions Manager
  • BerlianStrategy Director

    Berlian divides her advertising tenure between Washington D.C. and Sydney, now firmly rooted at Hatched. She's led campaigns for Medecins Sans Frontieres, McDonald's Olympic Games Partnership, GIO, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Renowned for pioneering digital strategies, her work reflects innovation and uniqueness.

    Berlian AyudyaStrategy Director
  • BillieSenior Finance/Commercial Analyst

    Meet Billie Gill, our vibrant senior finance/commercial analyst injecting youthful energy. Beyond numbers, she's a bookworm whose Insta captures Melbourne's vibrant scene. A Penn State exchange alum, she's adept at balancing work and play, indulging in tailgates and culinary adventures with her partner.

    Billie GillSenior Finance/Commercial Analyst
  • CaitlynMedia Coordinator

    There’s nothing fishy about Media Coordinator Caitlyn, except she’s petrified of fish – yet, loves the beach. (We’re as puzzled as you…) Regardless, we’re rapt this seafood-snob has chosen Hatched for her first media role! When not dodging the plenty of fish in the sea, Caitlyn is nose-deep in a book & wants to publish her own one day. (Probably not about fish.)

    Caitlyn BaystonMedia Coordinator
  • CarriePerformance Executive

    Carrie started studying science but decided she no longer wanted to be a radiologist & got a marketing degree instead. Which is good for Hatched. Not so good for all those broken bones out there. This Performance Executive also wanted to be a patisserie chef once, but cooks up delicious digital campaigns for Hatched clients instead.

    Carrie HoPerformance Executive
  • CatherineGeneral Manager, Sydney

    Sydney GM Cat has a bunch of cool client experience under her hat, like Kia, Nestle & the NSW Government. Her best job ever (excluding this one) was working at the London 2012 Olympics where she escorted corporates to events. When Cat isn’t camping or climbing Kilimanjaro, Annapurna Base Camp or Kosciusko, she’s eating. Which demonstrates balance, in our book.

    Catherine EdghillGeneral Manager, Sydney
  • ClarePerformance Director

    Self-confessed coffee addict Clare loves everything from yoga & Pilates to bouldering & hiking. Add some data & research to this Senior Performance Directors list of loves & you have quite the wild card. Oh – did we mention this award-winning media mogul is a champion Uno player? No? Well. Draw four.

    Clare FarrugiaPerformance Director
  • ClareSenior Media Manager

    Senior Media Manager Clare is one of those people who continues to surprise & delight the more you peel back her layers. Clare is a super-savvy media craftswoman with oodles of cool clients in her impressive portfolio. She’s also a potential super-savvy crab-catcher, having watched all 17 seasons of The Deadliest Catch.

    Clare Milligan-MorvadSenior Media Manager
  • CraigFinance Director

    Despite his name, Finance Director Craig is no fuss at all. Craig’s first office job was at AIS (Advertising Investment Services) because he thought AIS was the Australian Institute of Sport. When he’s not directing finances, Craig’s glued to the TV watching his beloved Tigers. In the off-season he watches all the highlight replays. 

    Craig FussellFinance Director
  • DanniHead of Strategy, Sydney

    Spending 5 minutes with our Head of Strategy Danni is like taking a 5-week holiday in Tinseltown. Which makes sense, given she’s a piano-playing-singer with a Eurovision addiction. This award-winning comms queen possesses oodles of experience across brands like Tassal & the Pyjama Foundation, and simply loves people. We simply love you too, Danni.

    Danni DimitriHead of Strategy, Sydney
  • Denise Head of Digital, Data & Tech

    While Denise is the Head of Digital, Data & Tech her quick Irish wit & want for whiskey bucks the geek trend that’s so commonly associated with data lovers. With programmatic experience coming out of her experience, when not obsessing over her craft Denise is obsessing over “a proper potato”. And running from creepy-crawlies. To be sure to be sure.

    Denise McCormackHead of Digital, Data & Tech
  • DianaDirector

    Diana proclaims she’s a fashion failure, embracing only the ‘media’ part of her Fashion & Media degree. But a fashion failure she’s not: this to-die-for Director makes underwear & swimwear for physically disabled women in her spare time. Conversely, a Shark Tank failure she is, having participated in the German show TWICE, but never making it to the telly…

    Diana WongDirector
  • Emily CapsisSenior Trading Manager

    Emily's obsession with Italian food could be attributed to her previous life at Leggo's watching competitors gorge in a 'Best Bolognaise' competition. She also worked at Bunnings but prefers fancy fettuccine over a snag. When not sprinkling Senior Trading Manager magic on Hatched clients, she's sprinkling mum magic over her son, Caden.

    Emily CapsisSenior Trading Manager
  • EmilySenior Media Executive

    We’re so glad Senior Media Executive Emily Stewart chose media over web design because we love having her brain here at Hatched! Armed with a Bachelor of Design in Digital Media, Stewie helps make it all happen. What she didn’t make happen is owning a dog – she owns a rabbit who THINKS it’s a dog – so, #efficiencygains.

    Emily StewartSenior Media Executive
  • GeorgieBusiness Director

    GBS, a long-standing figure at Hatched, often surprises with her first name, Georgie. Armed with degrees in Psychology and Advertising, she began at REA and excels in property sales. Bagging major accounts like Satterley and Mirvac, she juggles her expertise with motherhood, making her a multitasking dynamo.

    Georgie Blackett-SmithBusiness Director
  • GeorgieSenior Media Manager

    Georgie Read, the cherished original Hatchling, embarked on an industry journey, honing skills at Hatched Media, then gaining marketing experience at Lifestyle Communities. Despite challenges, she achieved project launch success. Now, amidst new engagement parties, Georgie aims to introduce her friends to the enchantment of Eurovision.

    Georgie ReadSenior Media Manager
  • HannahSenior Performance Manager

    Meet Hannah Kurtz, our Senior Performance Manager, blending fashion with adventure. Living in four countries, she adores Australia. With fashion brand management background, she's enhanced brands like lululemon, Alias Mae, Windsor Smith, and Leelo Active. Passionate about health, she transforms Eye of Horus and loco Love.

    Hannah KurtzSenior Performance Manager
  • HannahAssistant Accountant

    Hannah is one of Hatched’s enigmas. Everyone knows the Assistant Accountant is fabulous with formidable figures & a brain with a balance sheet – but did anyone know she’s a fan of Roger Federer? And that she’s learning how to play the piano? And that she’s also learning how to dance, in her spare time? See what we mean???

    Hannah ZhuAssistant Accountant
  • HarrietMedia Executive

    Media Executive Harriet IS as impressive as her movie-star name. With degrees in business & health science & experience working on one of the country’s biggest car brands, Harriet is also a self-confessed plant addict who loves true crime podcasts & drinking wine in the sun. She also loves her whippet Roo. Hatched is happy to have Hattie!

    Harriet Cowan De BontMedia Executive
  • IsabellaAssociate Director

    While Associate Director Bella Pezzaniti hasn’t “bought a Jeep”, she has tonnes of experience working on the famous car brand that also saw her end up in the Richmond Tigers team photo. She also has tonnes of experience working across Mars & PetCare. And eating Pidapipó gelato, of which she can devour a whole entire tub.

    Isabella PezzanitiAssociate Director
  • JackFounder

    The founder & leader & deadest legend of Hatched, Jack is responsible for putting entrepreneurialism back into media. Jack & his Hatchlings partner with clients to provide great service & work that actually works. At home, Jack is standing up for men’s rights with his wife & 2 daughters & playing the Melbourne theme song on repeat. 

    Jack ByrneFounder
  • JacklynMedia Executive

    Media Executive Jacklyn is part of the Hatched engine that keeps the wheels turning, helping conceive & deliver stunningly-standout client campaigns. Speaking of stunning & standout, Jacklyn loves musicals & is herself a piano player & classical music aficionado. Praps she’s planning on starring in her own musical? Watch this space.

    Jacklyn MartaMedia Executive
  • JaneLead Media Systems

    Jane, a media veteran, began her career in full-service agencies, where creatives were close companions. From the trenches of Telstra, her keen eye for detail earned her a role as a client audit manager, excelling in spotting errors. Accuracy is her hallmark.

    Jane WhittingtonLead Media Systems
  • JaydenDigital Solutions Lead

    While it’s hard for us to wrap our mouths around Jayden’s surname, this Digital Solutions Lead has no problem wrapping his brain around campaign strategy & planning. When he’s not wowing clients, Jayden loves escaping to the country for some R&R. But not to smell the fresh air: Jayden can’t smell. (This is not a joke.)

    Jayden RozsahegyiDigital Solutions Lead
  • JemmaMedia Executive

    Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but thankfully Media Executive Jemma Diamond doesn’t discriminate. Like her namesake, Jem brings colour & clarity to client campaigns, executing them with shiny brilliance. A concert-going yogi who loves her cavoodle as much as her hubby, Jem’s itching to collect another passport stamp.

    Jemma DiamondMedia Executive
  • JessicaMedia Executive

    Jessica Chen, a proactive individual, seized the pandemic as an opportunity to launch her business. Post-pandemic, she transitioned into the media industry after studying marketing at RMIT. With a year and a half of experience, she's worked with diverse clients like Seasol and Sexyland.

    Jessica ChenMedia Executive
  • JodieSenior Media Reconciler

    Jodie is Hatched’s new media reconciler. She has the tricky job of matching bookings to bills and queries to bookings. It can be a tough gig, but Jodie is well up for it. She’s done harder things, like climbing and standing on the rim of a volcano and getting much sort after tickets to the Foo Fighters. And we know how hard they are to come by in this Foo loving land.

    Jodie BuddleSenior Media Reconciler
  • JulieDigital Analyst

    Digital Analyst Julie is all about the cheese – whether it’s a romance novel or the kind you pair with wine. Which she’s also all about. Her cheese addiction could’ve been conceived when she worked across Maccas, but probably not when she worked across BUPA, NAB & Mazda. A hot-sauce addict, Julie’s purse proudly houses a bottle of Tabasco.

    Julie RuganiDigital Analyst
  • JustineMedia Manager

    Justine Poole, a media veteran with 20+ years' experience, thrives on diverse projects from automotive to government and retail clients. Balancing work and play, she relocated to regional Victoria 6 1/2 years ago, hosting delightful weekend getaways for friends. With a flair for entertaining and organisation, she's an invaluable asset to any team!

    Justine PooleMedia Manager
  • KaraSenior Performance Executive

    Senior Performance Executive brings a Digital Media Marketing degree to Hatched as well as years of marketing experience. She also brings with her travel experience, having recently spent 6 months in Central America. This fun-seeker-come-sunseeker – who is currently learning Spanish – will be found out in the sun whenever it’s shining, especially if it’s an outdoor bar. Olé!

    Kara BernauSenior Performance Executive
  • KimberleyBusiness Director

    If you told Kim to go ‘jump off a cliff’ you might watch her plummet head-first down one. Yes, cliff-diving is on this Director’s list who is obsessed with everything camping & the great outdoors. Thankfully for Hatched, Kim’s also obsessed with managing amazing media campaigns for our clients. In her spare time.

    Kimberley LeopoldoBusiness Director
  • LauraAccount Director

    Meet Laura Keo, Hatched's operational powerhouse! With a Bachelor's in Media & Communications, she's honed 13 years of trading and account management at global agencies. Laure excels in multitasking, balancing impressive campaigns, motherhood, and hobbies like yoga, cooking, and sewing.

    Laura KeoAccount Director
  • LaurenPerformance Manager

    Performance Manager Lauren’s surname is similar to the word ‘campaign’, which is fitting given she lives & breathes killer campaign management & implementation. It also means ‘countryside’ in Italian, which has nothing to do with Hatched, but is quite lovely. What isn’t lovely is Lauren was once attacked by a bird & now fears them. Non buono.

    Lauren CampagnaPerformance Manager
  • LenkaPerformance Director

    Meet Lenka Kleinova, our Performance Director, a marketing enthusiast from Slovakia thriving in Sydney for over a decade. With a Master in Marketing and Communication and a decade in digital marketing, Lenka mentors and enjoys 90s cinematography, beach strolls, and coffee. Her greatest joy? Exploring with her son.

    Lenka KleinovaPerformance Director
  • LiamMedia Manager

    Meet Liam Brian, our hilarious Media Manager, with a face you might recognise from all his media adventures. After venturing into the wild media jungle and working with huge clients, he realised the grass was greener where he started - at Hatched! When he's not impressing us with his skills, he's either scoring goals on the soccer field or showing off his legendary Xmas party stamina. Welcome back, Liam!

    Liam BrianMedia Manager
  • LucyHead of Marketing

    Lucy’s extensive media & marketing experience across some of Australia's biggest brands set her in good stead as Head of Marketing at Hatched. A consumer insights-led marketer, Lucy ensures Hatched hits the right note when it comes to what we say and do. Lucy has studied nutrition which has made it exceptionally difficult to steal her lunch from the fridge or eat chips in front of her.

    Lucy SewardHead of Marketing
  • MadeleineAssociate Director

    Maddy Chan, our Associate Director, excels in impeccable client service. With boundless energy and a perpetual smile, she's managed retail stores and now leads at Hatched. A self-proclaimed Excel addict, she balances work with cuddling her cat Ari and planning travels despite her fear of planes.

    Madeleine JonesAssociate Director
  • MarcusSenior Performance Manager

    From excelling at RMIT marketing to mastering e-commerce, I handle hefty campaigns - $300k monthly on Meta & Google. Beyond algorithms, I support Essendon in AFL and Celtics in NBA. A culinary Jedi and Marvel/Star Wars fan, I'm always cooking or watching sagas.

    Marcus BarclaySenior Performance Manager
  • MattAccount Manager

    Matty Franc is frankly fantastic. A Account Manager who specialises in property, Matt helps craft & execute media campaigns that make brands stand out in a crowd. An avid bruncher & luncher (most definitely not a puncher), you can find Matt on the dancefloor competing in both ballroom and Latin dancing. Ole!

    Matt FrancavillaAccount Manager
  • MelanieSenior Media Executive

    Well well well. What can we say about Mel? A lot, as it happens: she’s a painter; holds a Masters in Journalism & Comms; a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Digital Media & Planning AND is just an absolute gun human. As our Senior Media Executive, Mel adds sparkle to media campaigns (& our lives) – in between going to gigs & dining out.

    Melanie TweddellSenior Media Executive
  • MikeChairman

    What do you get when you cross a cheese-loving football-fanatic with over 30 years’ media industry experience in the UK & Oz? Our Chairman, Mike! While having big brands like Coca-Cola under his belt exudes uber-intelligence, this ex-music industry mogul once refused to collect Madonna from the airport because he was “too busy”. Oh, Mike…

    Mike WilsonChairman
  • NickMedia Coordinator

    Meet Nick, the OG intern turned full-time Hatchling at Hatched. Beyond work, he's a nature enthusiast conquering waves and trails, camping under the stars. Nick also runs an online vintage car parts business and orchestrates travels with tech savvy, currently brushing up on German.

    Nick RamsayMedia Coordinator
  • OscarMedia Manager

    Meet Oscar Morrison, our media maven who believes in learning from both failures and triumphs. From the short-lived ‘Make It’ TV show to launching ‘Tool Kit Depot’ across states, he’s a tenacious marketer. Monash graduate turned media enthusiast, Oscar’s life goal? The ultimate trifecta: bike rides, travel, and culinary delights at the Tour de France.

    Oscar MorrisonMedia Manager
  • PaulClient & Investment Lead

    Paul boasts extensive media experience, including work with top Australian and UK brands, notably the British Army. In a remarkable campaign, his team captured soldiers climbing Mt Everest, turning footage into ads overnight. At Hatched and home, Paul engages in various awe-inspiring activities like cooking, hiking, and playing musical instruments.

    Paul WilkinsonClient & Investment Lead
  • PealeSenior Digital Manager

    Peale’s parents must feel like failures given they named their son after the Brazilian soccer player Pele yet Peale knows nothing about the sport. This Digi Media Manager knows a LOT about media though which must fill Peale’s parents with pride. Digital media floats his boat at Hatched while this self-confessed foodie is on every new restaurant’s waiting list.

    Peale TranSenior Digital Manager
  • RaeshPeople & Culture Manager

    Raesh is both a media craftsperson & an office entertainer. With an impressive work history spanning TV and corporate comms, she now leads Hatched’s people and culture efforts…in between belly dancing around desks. She’s our all-round media-slinger, great-singer & fun-bringer!

    Raesh ChailPeople & Culture Manager
  • RanmaliMedia Co-ordinator

    Hatched is Ranmali’s first foray into the media industry & we couldn’t be prouder she chose us! When Ranmali isn’t busy coordinating media, she’s off hiking & travelling, which are sort of the same thing if the hike is long enough. Ranmali also loves brunching & lunching & binge-watching TV. But rarely all at the same time.

    Ranmali JayasingheMedia Co-ordinator
  • RebeccaGeneral Manager, Melbourne

    Melbourne GM Bec has an impressive amount of letters in her name. In true Aussie fashion, we’ve shortened those letters to just 3 & call her Bec. She also has an impressive role, ensuring a happy Hatchling henhouse which then ensures happy clients. She ALSO sometimes ‘accidentally’ orders rose’ on the company Uber account...

    Rebecca Den BraberGeneral Manager, Melbourne
  • ReganPlanning Director

    Every agency needs a Reg in its life & we’re just glad he’s ours. This Planning Director dives deep-first into data to wow clients with the whys & wherefores. When he’s not working on client strategy, he’s working out at the gym or walking his Golden Retriever named Gary. GARY! See? We told you every agency needs a Reg in its life.

    Regan HancockPlanning Director
  • RiyaPerformance Manager

    Riya, originally from Delhi, mastered her marketing expertise at Deakin University before settling in Australia. Excelling in search and social at a digital agency, she's now a valued Hatchling. Off-duty, Riya enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling, benefitting from her proficiency in three languages.

    Riya WadhawanPerformance Manager
  • RobCFO

    Our CFO Rob is a demon with numbers & a demon for his beloved Demons. A financial strategist with over 15 years’ experience, Rob spends his downtime with his wife, 2 kids & his dog. He also spends his downtime being tormented by flat packs & his wife who had to teach him the difference between a Phillips head & a flat head screwdriver. Handy-manning isn’t in his repair-toire.

    Rob GalbraithCFO
  • RoshinPerformance Manager

    Roshin rocks the house with her love for rock music, evident from her dogs' names, Zeppelin and Floyd. She joins the Sydney performance team with expertise in information systems, digital marketing, and client-side experience. Passionate about brands, she delves into their intricacies.

    Roshin BistaPerformance Manager
  • RudiSenior Performance Manager

    Meet Rudi Morgan, our dynamic Senior Performance Manager. With a Communication and Digital Media background from the University of Brighton, Rudi co-founded a social media activation company, crafting unforgettable experiences, like a Resident Evil Zombie Apocalypse and Stephen King's Under the Dome launch hide and seek.

    Rudi MorganSenior Performance Manager
  • SamanthaSEO Manager

    Sam, Hatched's SEO expert, brings over six years of digital marketing experience transforming businesses like Officeworks, Peninsula Hot Springs, Mirvac, and Brisbane's City Council. Now, she's focusing on Hatched's SEO product. When not working, she explores Canberra's hiking trails, camping, and wineries.

    Samantha CoatesSEO Manager
  • SanjanaMedia Executive

    With a fab name that rolls off the tongue like Sanjana Varma, this woman was born to be in advertising! Although she’s yet to write her first jingle, Sanjana’s playful persona & wonderful wit make her a Hatched must-have. (Twice!) An excellent Executive who consumes content like water, we’re so glad to have Sanjana back home.

    Sanjana VarmaMedia Executive
  • SeneliMedia Coordinator

    An avid musician, reader, painter & tennis player, Seneli is seriously coordinated – although we assume she doesn’t undertake all these activities at once. Makes sense she’s a Coordinator at Hatched, where she balances calm with media chaos. Seneli is simply sensational!

    Seneli HettiarachchiMedia Coordinator
  • SharnaTrading Manager

    Sharna was surprised to get her first media job at Prime TV (Ballarat) & SUPRIRSE! - she’s still in the media game. With years of experience across TV networks & media agencies, not much surprises Sharna these days. She once lived in Japan & now lives on a horse stud in regional Victoria, occasionally delivering the odd foal.

    Sharna McIntyreTrading Manager
  • Simon PorterHead of Retail

    A porter in the Oxford dictionary is defined as 'a person employed to carry luggage. Our Head of Retail, with over 20 years' global retail advertising experience, is perfectly placed to carry our shopping. this father of 2 & diehard Crystal Palace tragic loves football, cricket & rugby - and, after nearly dying 3 times as a kid, understandably loves life!

    Simon PorterHead of Retail
  • SonyaMedia Coordinator

    Meet Sonya Le, our vibrant media coordinator and adventurous foodie! With a business background and a passion for travel, she's explored 18 countries. Embracing culinary inspirations from her adventures, Sonya loves cooking and baking. As a food blogger, she shares delightful gastronomic experiences.

    Sonya LeMedia Coordinator
  • SophieMedia Executive

    With a surname evoking Spanish donuts, Media Executive Sophie Charos is just as endearing. Completing a BoB (Marketing) degree, Sophie helps deliver delicious campaigns irresistible to clients. A foodie with unrivalled dedication to detail, she's a sweet member of the Hatched team!

    Sophie CharosMedia Executive
  • StephenNational Chief Executive Officer

    Steve ‘Stevo’ Fisher hails from the UK where he worked across clients spanning Europe, the US & APAC. He’s now brought his English accent to Hatched & as National Chief Executive Officer, imparts his knowledge on the Hatchlings to help clients thrive. Outside of Hatched, Stevo’s teenage kids keep him active & impart their abundant knowledge onto him.

    Stephen FisherNational Chief Executive Officer
  • TallulahPerformance Coordinator

    Meet Tallulah, the triple threat degrees in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, infusing design magic into her media skills by day. Moonlighting as a poster wizard for local bands, she balances footy cheers, gym sessions, and epic video game quests with her housemates, accompanied by her feline sidekick, Cows!

    Tallulah McCloskeyPerformance Coordinator
  • VanessaBusiness Director

    Vanessa is a media veteran, which doesn’t mean she’s old, it just means she’s chock-a-block full of experience having crafted crafty media solutions for some big-name clients in both Sydney & Melbourne. Super-efficient, Ness sees value in combining her daughter Olivia’s play dates with mums who enjoy a crisp rose’ in the sun. 4 birds, 2 Stones!

    Vanessa StoneBusiness Director
  • VictoriaMedia Coordinator

    Meet Victoria Senior, our zestful Media Coordinator! A Monash University grad, she wielded power tools at Bosch's Dremel, turning pumpkins into Halloween art. Beyond work, she's a kitchen maestro, Pilates enthusiast, and sun-soaker at Melbourne's beaches. Her superpower! Travel! 10 countries in 10 months!

    Victoria SeniorMedia Coordinator