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Things that caught our attention this week

19 April 2024
Things that caught our attention this week...​
"It's no secret that this episode is kind of testing how an audience will go"

Said Daley Pearson, the executive producer of Bluey.  The newly released extended episode of Bluey certainly didn't disappoint. The show achieved 1.5 billion minutes of viewing in 7 days when the new episodes landed in the US in January, indicating a strong chance for a movie-length release in the future.

Aussie men have more recreation time than women

The ABS has released their Time Use Survey (TUS) showing how people over 15 spend their time, split by generation. The caveat with this data; it was collected peak pandemic from November 2020 to July 2021. The interwar generation, those over 75, spend most of their time watching television, a whopping 3 hours and 43 minutes per day. If they’re not watching TV, they’re reading with just under half of them reading every day. Generation Z, those aged 15-24 are spending the most time gaming daily (22%) double that of Millenials. Interestingly, Generation X, those aged 40-54 was the only generation to show a statistically significant difference in participation between the sexes. However, across all generations, males have at least 30 minutes more leisure and recreation time each day than women.

ABS release here

Low fertility rate signals population and cultural change

The latest data released by the ABS on Australia’s near-record low birth rate shows what would happen if the fertility rate accelerated, decelerated, or stayed at a similar rate. Each of the projections shows that Australia is below the international average, meaning children will be outnumbered by people over the age of 65 by the year 2034. Back in 2004, the then Treasurer announced a baby bonus, a tax incentive for Australians to prioritise having children. Demographer Amanda Davies said that there are concerns about what policies can be effective to get us to have more kids. The cultural makeup of the country could also shift over the next five years if the fertility rate remains the same, with migration being a reliable solution for shaping the workforce. With no migration, Australia’s population would begin to fall in 10 years.

ABC article here

media watch

The interesting bits from across the media landscape in the L7D...

Only 4% of the plastic EVER made has been recycled!

Hatched’s Green Team has grabbed this section of Media Bites this week to tell you about Banish Recycling’s BRAD program. The program aims to significantly increase the amount of plastic being recycled by providing tools to reduce the waste of hard-to-recycle items such as toothpaste tubes and coffee pods.  If you want to get involved, you can drop your waste off at the Banish Sustainability Hub in Sydney or send via post. You can purchase shipping labels on their website, and stick them on a postage box with your recyclables. The purchase cost covers not just the shipping but will also fund the recycling program.

Banish website here

Podcast rankings put Hamish & Andy back on top

Hamish & Andy have reclaimed the #1 podcast position in March, after returning from their summer break. The Imperfects podcast made it into the top 10 in March, coming from 15th spot to 5th and reaching more than half a million listeners. With footy season back, there’s been a swing toward sporting content, particularly Triple M Footy AFL jumping 92 places to number 43 on the list. True Crime still has a grip on the podcasting community with Case File True Crime at #2 and Australian True Crime and Crime Junkie at numbers 11 and 12 respectively. News podcasts have dropped with 7am down 6 spots to #14 and ABC down 3 spots to #13.

Triton Podcast Ranker here

advertiser watch

A spotlight on advertisers doing interesting creative things...

  • Menulog teams up with rapper Latto for TikTok series on iconic Aussie snacks
  • Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is seeing boobs everywhere.
  • Couples alter their wedding vows to include promises to clean up their own mess for Plenty.
  • Remember POSCA pens? The brand has teamed up with leading art educators to create POSCA Street Art School.
  • A fun and educational spot for Archer Roose on how to cook with wine.