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Things that caught our attention this week

7 June 2024
Things that caught our attention this week...​
"This is the only logical place for the happiest place on Earth"

Said MP David Limbrick of his electorate in Melbourne's South East for a potential site for Disneyland, Australia. Others say Disney is taking the mickey, and Melbourne doesn't have the tourism numbers to support a Disneyland.

Green shoots for news in April's advertising expenditure

The latest media agency advertising expenditure data was released this week showing that news publishing was up by 1.8% compared to the same time last year. Overall there is a backward trend in ad investment of 5.6% year on year that has affected all major media. But there are positives in the data for both outdoor and digital showing lower than market declines. SMI’s Jane Ratcliffe has pointed to smaller product categories driving the decline, with the larger product categories only dropping back by 2.6 per cent. The data shows that the automotive categories had growth of 10.4 percent in April and a huge lift for toiletries & cosmetics that grew ad spend by 21 per cent. April’s result is in contrast with other sophisticated media markets such as the US, UK, and Canada who all saw growth in their ad markets in April.

B&T article here

Purpose marketing can be a brand's undoing

Nick Asbury, a creative writer specializing in branding and design, argues in his book “The Road to Hell” that the concept of brand purpose ultimately weakens brands. He claims that while purpose-driven marketing can portray businesses as ethical and socially responsible, it often leads to disingenuous messaging and the potential for backlash. Asbury highlights that long-established brands like Dove use their market dominance to push social agendas, which can seem inauthentic. For marketers, this underscores the importance of genuine, product-focused advertising over leveraging ethical claims for commercial gain. Asked if purpose-led marketing is effective, Asbury pointed to an IPA study conducted in conjunction with Peter Field that found purpose-led campaigns were less effective than non-purpose led campaigns.

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media watch

The interesting bits from across the media landscape in the L7D...

Kyle & Jackie O's slow Melbourne start

Kyle & Jackie O have been on Melbourne breakfast radio for six weeks and the latest data from GFK shows that they’re yet to gain significant audience numbers. KIIS is occupying breakfast’s bottom slot in FM radio, with the same 5.9% share as The Marty Sheargold Show on Triple M. Christian O’Connell on Gold FM leads FM radio with 10.4% share, followed by FiFi, Fev and Nick with 10% and Jase & Lauren with 8.7%. Interestingly as pointed out by Tim Burrow’s Unmade column, Jase & Lauren who were booted by KISS at the end of 2023 to make way for Kyle & Jackie O had 9.7% in their last survey on air. GFK’s survey period includes 3 weeks of the Kyle & Jackie O show, so we’ll need to wait for survey 4 in July to see the true impact of the duo in the Melbourne market.

Unmade article here

Mr Beast Snatches the most YouTube subscribers

MrBeast has surpassed T-Series to become the biggest YouTube channel amongst subscribers. Indian music label T-Series held the title for five years before MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, achieved a historic 269 million subscribers putting him head and shoulders above everything else. Known for his grand stunts like giving away private islands and staging a real-life Squid Game, MrBeast celebrated the milestone on X, noting a record daily spike of over 2 million subscribers on Saturday. His success extends across multiple channels, and he continues to grow his influence and wealth on YouTube. MrBeast taking the record will come as welcome news for Amazon – which has signed him to a TV deal reportedly worth as much as $100m.

BBC article here

advertiser watch

A spotlight on advertisers doing interesting creative things...

  • If this spot for Twix doesn’t get you giggling, we’re not sure what will.
  • More humour, this time from Apple for their Apple Card.
  • Tubi, the Amercian streaming service says its more popular than babies and divorce.
  • Telstra has created 26 stop-motion spots for their Better on a Better network campaign.