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Things that caught our attention this week

16 February 2024
Things that caught our attention this week...​
"lol hey guys"

That was the caption of Joe Biden's first ever TikTok. Cringe as you might, it is his attempt to garner support from younger voters. The President has taken to the social media platform despite talks about banning TikTok in the US and by the looks of things, without much guidance!

The Superbowl. The most viewers since the moon landing.

Sunday’s Superbowl had more viewers than ever before, attracting 123.7 million sets of eyeballs during the broadcast in the USA.  According to data from Nielsen, it was the biggest US audience for any event since astronauts walked on the moon in 1969. Several factors drove the unprecedented numbers; from the record-breaking advertising spend, and mega stars in almost every ad to Usher’s halftime performance. But scores of new viewers were attracted by the presence of Taylor Swift in the rumored 2.5 million dollar viewing suite, surrounded by her famous mates. Chairman of CBS Sport said, “I can’t imagine a Super Bowl any better or more exciting than this”. Viewing in Australia was also high, with 2.7 million tuning in across Seven and 7plus, marking a 43% increase on last year’s telecast.

The New Daily article here

Trend Alert: Loud budgeting a hit on the socials

Loud budgeting is a social media trend that encourages talking openly about money goals and taking pride in efforts to reduce spending. The trend is seeing more and more people, particularly on social media, put their money aspirations front and centre for friends and family to see. Influencers are jumping onto the trend and offering scripts for a range of scenarios for dealing with financial services, with some influencers suggesting that people go beyond cutting back and invest in high-yield savings accounts, pay off their debts, and look more closely at superannuation and retirement savings. Money challenges are also part of the trends, like No Spend January. The trend is reflective of a generational shift in personal finance amongst younger social media generations.

CNET article here

media watch

The interesting bits from across the media landscape in the L7D...

Shameless leads January podcast rankings

Podcast downloads were up in January by a huge 33 per cent year-on-year totalling 90.3 million. Shameless made it to the top of the rankings, followed by Casefile True Crime and the ABC’s Conversations at third on the list, the highest ranking for the broadcaster to date. Shameless benefited from the summer break taken by Hamish & Andy, (who would ordinarily be in the top one or two on the rankings), grabbing 516,000 listeners across seven new episodes. Australian podcast listeners clearly prefer local content, with four of the top 5 podcasts being Australian-made. ARN’s iHeart had the most listeners in January with 4.510 million ahead of SCA’s LiSTNR with 2.926 million.

Mumbrella article here

Calls for influencers to reject gambling deals

A new study has found that influencers and celebrities can boost the appeal of gambling to young people. The study was funded by the Government and found that young people aged 12-17 were more likely to trust a gambling company if they saw a well-known person endorsing it. Respondents have called on influencers, particularly those with younger audiences to say no to deals with gambling companies and to do more to support anti-gambling movements. Researchers said that the study highlights the importance of a comprehensive approach to preventing young people’s exposure to gambling advertising and marketing.

The Daily Aus article here

advertiser watch

A spotlight on advertisers doing interesting creative things...

  • A big Super Bowl spot you may have missed with Ben Affleck, JLo and supported by Matt Damon for Dunkin Donuts.
  • Ikea tells shoppers Do Try This At Home in a new global campaign
  • Maccas, en France, are making changes to their burgers that make them more irresistable
  • Bowel Cancer Australiahas released a special Valentine’s Day message to help people overcome the ‘poo taboo’