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17th June 2022
Things that caught our attention this week...​
Happy Winter Solstice! We hope the shortest day inspired you to expand your mind and embrace some of the ancient traditions of the new solar year... To keep your brain in shape here are some of our must-be-across from the last 7 days.


When a piece of content includes the sentence  “look, I fully understand that as the result of this article, I’m going to wake up next to a horse’s head” you perhaps get a sense it’s covering some prickly topics.  When that article is about corporate America, and specifically Facebook, and specifically soon-to-be ex-COO of Meta, Sheryl Sandberg, and is written by that doyenne of literary journalism The Atlantic no less, you start to get a sense of the magnitude of what’s going down.  Well worth a read; a  commentary on greed, on feminism, on legacy, and on the cultural and societal impact that the actions of corporations have taken on us all.

The Atlantic article here

State of Personalisation

We know that the need to keep up with customer expectations is one of the biggest challenges that brands face, but new research shines a light on the growing gap between the role of personalisation in customer communications and customer distrust of how brands use and secure the fuel that drives that personalisation – their data.   The 3rd State of Personalisation Report from developer company Twilio, surveyed 3,500 people and found that about two-thirds of us expect some form of personalisation, but that only 40% of us say they trust businesses to use that data responsibly, and most critically, keep that data private and safe.

State of Personalisation Report here

media Issue

The interesting bits from across the media landscape in the L7D...

Netflix ad market

Whichever side of the equation you sit on this topic, it seems that more and more news just keeps landing about an impending shift to an ad-funded model for the Netflix ecosystem.  Analysts predict that should see the streaming platform roll out advertising, the potential return could exceed $1.2bil; that isn’t quite as much as Disney+ however, who could rake in an estimated $1.8bil.

Twitter Notes

The social media platform has introduced Notes, which enables users to create long-form content beyond the standard 280 words.  The feature has been launched in partnership with writers from the UK, Canada, the Us and Ghana who will create specific content for the service.  Notes comes as part of Twitter Write which will help build a community of writers.

advertiser watch

A spotlight on advertisers doing interesting creative things...